Is Pinterest the new Facebook? It’s certainly grabbing a ton of headlines lately, especially since it ranked 2nd behind FB in referral traffic. I have an idea why…stay tuned.

Crowdsourcing or Outsourcing?

‘Crowdsourcing’ in my opinion is just a fancy netword for ‘auction’…as in international auction. Ok, Outsourcing. There, I said it. At first read, my response was to shake my head and mentally mutter “bottomfeeders…” in my head. But as often happens, I checked myself as to why that was my reaction. I’ve held an acct…

Little Quirks

Site might be acting a bit quirky over the next few days. Just doing some much needed maintenance and updates.

seth is cool.

I was watching this video – again – from Seth Godin, one of my favorite business philosophers:

QR Squared: The Power of 2D Codes

by Julia Camenisch Interested in promoting your small business or freelance services using a free technology with recent growth rates of 1600%? Yes, the customers are flocking to a new advertising medium. The cost for you to implement it is zilch. Oh, and did I mention the enormous potential for effectively engaging customers and adding…

When you do what you love, you do your best work

It’s timeworn and almost cliche’ – but still true. When you do what you love, you do your best work by Chris Talbot – July 6/2011 Freelancers have it pretty good. Although there are downsides to every job (and as jobs go, the freelancing rating scale goes to 11), many freelancers are self-employed because they’re…